Welcome! I’m Christine Haynes, Ed.D. a campus technology leader and educational consultant in Adelaide, Australia, specializing in building school capacity for learning with and through technology. In my career, I have held positions in consulting and software industries in Christine Haynes, Ed.D.California where working as a management consultant, product manager for methodology, and online services innovator, pioneering and implementing technologies in the corporate arena before entering education. I write and speak widely on educational technology and school leadership with research interests including, online learning, mobile learning, educational technology in schools, and school leadership. I am interested in innovation and ways of using technology to build student, teacher, and school organizational capacity. My global study “Digital Learning Implementation Framework for Education: A Delphi Study of International Baccalaureate Educational Technology Leaders” resulted in the D-LIFE framework to guide school leaders in evaluating school readiness in a digital age. I look forward to connecting with you on Twitter. 


Lamar University, Outstanding Doctoral Student 2017
Australian Council for Computers in Education:  Educator of the Year 2013
Computers in Education Group of South Australia:  Educator of the Year 2012

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  1. Hi Christine
    I attended your session last Sunday called ‘Coaching Teachers as Lead Learners’. I’d like thank you for the practical ideas and strategies for supporting staff professional learning. I have also found the information on your blog very informative and I’m looking for to absorbing more of it as I move forward with my task of supporting staff in my school.
    You mentioned that you would be posting your presentation onto this blog. I have not being able to locate it as yet. Can you please confirm if you have posted it for accessing?

    Thank you again



    • Hi Tim,
      Thank you for attending my session and for your positive feedback. I’ve just updated my blog to include the session resources. I look forward to hearing how you progress with coaching at your school.

  2. Hello Christine,
    I am an ergonomist and very interested in promoting ergonomics to students of all ages. I am developing an ergonomics and technology course for students and teachers. I came across an article you wrote and would like to know if I can use one of your images for my course. This is the link to the article, and I’d like permission to use the image of the student in the “good” posture with the riser. If you would be OK with me using this to promote student health, I would be grateful.

    • Thank you for your comment. Ergonomics and technology is an important topic for all. The photos I used in the article are used with permission from Health Smart Training. I’ve responded privately with contact details so you can request permission. Smart Health Training have created a course and other resources to help students and parents to use technology safely with ergonomics in mind. http://www.smarthealthtraining.com.au

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