Beyond Apps: iPad Workflow to Transform Learning

Workflow is the process of your learning environment. When working with iPads there are several challenges and complexities. Here are a few of the notes and resources from my EdTechSa 2013 session. The three main elements of workflow could be considered:

    • Resourcing
    • Collecting
    • Communicating

Resourcing includes gathering all the links, books, documents, and instructions students need to undertake a given learning engagement. These are generated by both teachers and students and need to be shared with others. Traditionally these have been stored on school servers in shared areas like “Shared Files”, “School Common” or “Common Resources” and also on school learning management systems.

Collecting involves the “handup” process of collecting the various artefacts created by students. In paper this is the teachers’ “in- tray”. Electronically students typically put their assignments in an electronic type of  “in-tray” for teachers to review.

Communicating: I used communication rather than “Review” as ideally there is dialogue that isn’t just one way. Here students reflect on their learning and teachers provide annotations, comments, feedback and summative assessments are all forms of communication.

The complexities that come into play using iPads include imitations of personalising shared use iPads (an oxymoron?)  and the challenges of designing transformational learning engagements.

Personalised Learning

Barbara Bray’s Personalized Learning site.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 10.09.21 AM

Barbara Bray On Personalised Learning

Transformational Learning is about using technology in ways not possible without it. Its about extending or amplifying the pedagogy for purpose.

iPad Workflow.021

Traditional Classroom workflows are paper based. Computers required us to look differently at the processes in our learning environment. Even these “electronic” models don’t fit the way we work with iPads. Trying to force a traditional model doesn’t make sense. Would you “hand up” your iPad for the teacher to make comments on it?   iPads require us to rethink workflows  to personalise and transform learning using iPads to work with new publishable formats and architecture.

Some possible workflow solutions:

SAMR Resources

As always, I look forward to hearing about the learning journeys of other educators grappling with these same challenges.

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